17 November 2009

photo documentary - jonker street malacca

If you are looking at a list of “must-go” places in Melaka, you will find that Jonker Street will always be at the top of the list. It is also a highly recommended place for those who would like to discover Melaka in an interesting and interactive way. If you are planning to spend an hour there before hopping to another major attraction, think twice as it is not an ordinary “street” – one can spend a whole day there just to check out the attractive shops along the street.

Located at Jalan Hang Jebat, this street is also known as Jonker Walk. At an easily accessible location, some people might perceive it as nothing more than a straight and narrow street. However, once you stepped into the entrance of the street, you will be amazed by what you see in each and every distinct shop. Along the street, you can find shops selling unique antique, wood-craved statues, interior and household products, fashionable clothes, colourful accessories and various souvenirs.

source from malaysiavacationguide.com

regards, khamen.


  1. menarik... suke pic lukis batik 2

  2. dem nais bro. byk subjek yg menarek. kawe perchaya..masih byk stok gmbr yg best2..hehe.

    jom kita ulangi...

  3. patut aku carik x jmpe...last time aku gi melaka,pakcik men biola tu ader kat afamosa..dier gi jonker rupenyer...

  4. thx korang.
    cak... ada lg xmampu dah nk pilih gmbr...haha
    man...ko pusing awal sgt...sbb tu kiteorg lmbt....pakcik tu mainkn lagu titanic dooo utk kiteorg...hoho

  5. hai
    i likeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur photos..

  6. kemah keming!
    menyirap ettyfaif lol

  7. cantik la ... byk benda dpt di captured ... 1st time kesini dah mengujakan ... baru abis explore entry lepas2 ;)